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A blog from Steve Hills, RYA Yachtmaster Instructor and Examiner, about RYA training in the Mediterranean.

Steve is the Principal of Corfu Sea School the premiere provider of RYA training in the Mediterranean. From our base in Gouvia Marina, on the Ionian island of Corfu, Corfu Sea School provides training for licences and diplomas, for sail or power, that can be used to charter vessels all over the world. These include Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and the coveted Yachtmaster certificates which are proof of professional competence.

It is the ideal place to learn both sailing and motor boating. The waters are calm, blue and idyllic.

For 15 years we have provided the very best RYA training to those wishing to learn to sail, powerboat or further develop their skills with shorebased theory courses.

Of course, eating and drinking are very much a way of Greek life. We know the best tavernas and are well known in the local area and can often get tables when others struggle. Corfu Sea School, and the RYA training programme, are well respected in the Ionian. That means a warm welcome wherever you go.

We also eat well at sea. Steve's wife Tanya, an RYA Coastal Skipper herself, is on hand with proper home cooking on your school yacht.

Learning to sail should be fun, it is a sailing holiday after all. We approach training as an enjoyable thing. So, whether you are taking your first Competent Crew sailing course, some advanced Powerboat training or preparing for your RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam we can assure you of a relaxed time with us.

Winter training with Corfu Sea School

By admin | 08/08/2019

We have been pondering whether or not to offer winter training for some years now. One of the biggest barriers has always been that the direct flights to Corfu from Northern Europe finish at the beginning of November each year. You can still get to Corfu in the winter, but it means flying to Athens…

5 tips to help your resume stand out with the captain

By admin | 01/02/2017

The resume (cv) is often your first point of communication with the captain and the crew who are involved in the recruitment decision-making process. Whether or not you know you can wow them with your charm when they meet you is irrelevant. You need to get to that first meeting or interview stage and more…

Do you have the right attributes to work on a superyacht?

By admin | 01/02/2017

Do you have the right attributes to work on a superyacht? Many people dream of living and working on a billionaire’s yacht. Visiting exotic places, eating amazing food and partying hard with champagne. However, even the lure of mega bucks in wages and tips, travel, and expense free living will not be for everyone. It…

Do you have what it takes to be a superyacht deckhand?

By admin | 01/02/2017

There is no question about it, working on a superyacht is one of the most exciting and well-paid jobs around. However, what this means is that many people are vying for the same posts and you have to stand out to be in with a chance of being employed. Do yourself a big favour and…

Making Sense of the new STCW refresher training

By admin | 01/02/2017

The Manila Amendments have brought a number of changes to the STCW 2010. The one which affects the majority of crew working in the superyacht industry is the need to updates some aspects of the STCW mandatory training. As of January 1st, 2017, there is a requirement to update some of the STCW certificates that are more…

Will Brexit affect the work of super yacht crew?

By admin | 01/02/2017

As were many people working abroad, superyacht crew were anxious about the result of the referendum held in June, to decide whether on not the UK should leave the European Union. When they awoke to the shock, there was then the uncertainty to follow. What does it mean for superyacht crew working in Europe? Will…

Training for Tide

By admin | 20/11/2016

From the 1st January 2017 the RYA has decided that there will no longer to be separate tidal and non-tidal courses within the powerboat, sailing and motor cruising schemes. That means you will be studying tide even if you attend a courses with us in Greece and any certificates awarded will no longer make the…

RYA Sailing Courses Greece

Which RYA course?

By admin | 18/12/2015

Which RYA course? We are often asked which RYA course is correct for an individual. Our answer is based on the client’s experience, how long ago the experience was gained and what they would like to achieve. For the vast majority of pleasure sailors the RYA Day Skipper qualification is the most they will ever…

RYA yacht under full sail

Guide to Yacht Charter in Greece

By admin | 14/04/2015

I have been considering writing a brief guide to yacht charter in Greece for some time now. Largely, in response to questions from our RYA sea school clients. In essence, renting a boat should be easy, however there are number of pitfalls to avoid. The following should be considered: The Charter Company There are some great…

Alonside sailing corfu sea school

New online course the ICC

By admin | 13/02/2015

We are please to announce a new online course designed for anyone preparing for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) practical test for power or sail. It contains lessons and exercises on all of the navigation and safety elements you will be tested on. Fully narrated and animated lectures explain each element in detail. With…

Royal Yachting Association logo

Rya Training voted the best in the world

By admin | 13/02/2015

This is a re-blog of an article published by Seamaster: The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) sailing qualifications have been voted the premiere sailing accreditation for excellence and global reputation following a recent survey targeting 200 professional yacht and motorboat charter companies. The professional charter companies that were surveyed own and manage in excess of 6,000…

RYA Motor Cruising Courses Greece

From SailPowercourses .com

By admin | 22/01/2015

This is a re blog from a new service we are listed with, written by Heidi Frith. I think the information discussed here is of interest to anyone thinking of booking  boating course: Booking a sailing, powerboating or motor boat course, for the first time can be quite a daunting thought. What will the instructor…

RYA theory training to avoid mishaps

Springtime RYA shorebased courses

By admin | 18/01/2015

  The days are short and the night hours long. Never a better time to start that RYA theory course that you keep promising yourself . Our first formal (face-to-face) Yachtmaster theory course this year will begin on 31st March. However, there are plenty of online alternatives to be getting on with in the meantime. As…

Sail training ship Chopin RYA Mediterranean

Sail Training in the Mediterranean

By admin | 12/01/2015

Came across the lovely Polish sail training ship ‘Chopin’ in Malaga (Spain), harbour last week. What a sight. If I remember correctly one of my Yachtmaster students, Magda, was the first Mate for awhile. Is that correct, Magda? From the stories she told me training is very different on this type of vessel. Lots of…

sailing ship Amsterdam

Amsterdam for Christmas

By admin | 30/12/2014

We are in Amsterdam for Christmas, as guests of Tanya’s sister Olga and her partner Koen. After a few days of the usual holiday overindulgence, we started to explore. A trip to Amsterdam revealed a city changed little since I last visited. How,refreshing! The atmosphere around the canals is as festive and bohemian as I remember.…