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This is a re blog from a new service we are listed with, written by Heidi Frith. I think the information discussed here is of interest to anyone thinking of booking  boating course:

Booking a sailing, powerboating or motor boat course, for the first time can be quite a daunting thought. What will the instructor be like? Will you get on with the other students? What weather to expect? Will you get sea sick? All of which are mostly out of your control. What is in your control however, is to make sure you choose the right course for you.

Although booking a practical boating course is not as expensive as a ski holiday or a diving holiday, it is your money and you do not want to chose the right location and the right course. This is why has created a booking site offering all levels of courses worldwide.

The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) courses are internationally recognised and considered to offer the highest standard of training. For this reason, Sail Power Courses only offers RYA training on behalf of RYA recognised training centres.

Firstly, you need to decide what your aim is, would you like to sail on a small dinghy and then progress to a cruising yacht or is it your preference to jump on board a yacht as a novice and become competent crew? Powerboating level 1 and 2 are the stepping stones into the world of day boats. If you enjoy speed or the thought of anchoring in small bays and maybe doing a bit of fishing this route is probably your best choice. Maybe you are new to boats but wish to jump on board one of those lovely motor yachts you have seen in the marinas. You can start motor boating with no previous experience.

Once you know which scheme you are going to try you need to make sure you have the pre requisite requirements for the course you intend booking. If you are a complete novice this is easy, you start at the entry level courses. RYA Start Yachting or Competent Crew if you wish to sail a yacht and level 1 if you are keen to get wet on a small dinghy. If powerboating is enticing you then book on either Powerboat level 1 or 2, (most people start at level 2). Motor Cruising like sailing has a Start Motor Cruising Course.

If you have some experience and are unsure where you should join the scheme of your choice, make sure you have read the essential experience and knowledge required before booking. The instructor will invariably be teaching 3 – 5 students at various different levels and if you turn up for a course which you are not experienced for or do not have the knowledge required, it could put extra pressure on the instructor and take time away from the other students who have come prepared.

Selecting where you want to do your training should not only depend on the weather. You need to consider where you will be sailing with your new found experience and skills. If you are planning to go on and skipper a boat in tidal waters, it is wise to do your training in a busy tidal area. If you only plan to sail with a flotilla in the Mediterranean then it is a good idea to get practice of mooring the boat Med Style. You might be planning to venture into the professional world as a skipper, if this is the case, think carefully about doing your training in non-tidal waters with very little traffic and guaranteed good weather. It is important to experience as much as possible whilst you have an instructor on board. We have a location guide to give you more information to help with your selection.

Which training centre, is the last thing to consider. Although the safety standards of the boats and the qualifications of the instructor should remain a constant, the other variables are worth considering. Is bedding included? Are all meals included? Are marina costs included. Costs vary from country to country due to items like local taxes, cost of labour and the fact that you might be sailing in a marine park which charges the school heavily. At Sail Power Courses, we have provided you with a selection of quality training centres. We hope you find what you’re looking for.