Which RYA course?

RYA Day Skipper bowshotWhich RYA course?

We are often asked which RYA course is correct for an individual. Our answer is based on the client’s experience, how long ago the experience was gained and what they would like to achieve.

For the vast majority of pleasure sailors the RYA Day Skipper qualification is the most they will ever need. It serves as proof of competence for charter companies and satisfies the marine authorities, in most parts of the world, and serves as a sailing licence.

The higher levels of qualification (Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster) are normally sought by those wishing to work in the yachting industry. However, there are pleasure sailors that wish to extend their skills. Beware, these commercial level qualifications are designed to put the candidate under pressure and may not fit with the idea of a relaxing holiday. the best analogy we can think of is that Day Skipper is the equivalent of a private pilot’s licence whilst Yachtmaster is the equivalent of a commercial pilot’s licence. Two very different skill levels and aimed at very different uses.


For those that are unsure, aim for a lower level course. you will absorb the information more easily and have time to enjoy your holiday.