RYA Essential Navigation & Safety Course – Online


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A comprehensive Royal Yachting Association course covering all aspects of core navigation and safety. An ideal introduction for anyone going to sea. Fully animated and narrated, the course features many videos. Its content has been extended beyond the RYA syllabus and includes sections on the Diesel Engine, Electronic Navigation, VHF Radio and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. It is ideal preparation for our Day Skipper (non-tidal) practical courses or as revision for those that have been off the water for a time.

The price includes a hard RYA copy study pack that will be mailed to you after purchase. The pack contains practice nautical charts, plotting instruments and an exercise book. The course takes about 20 hours to complete and contains many quizzes throughout to test your new knowledge.

The course concludes with an online test, recorded on our server. Successful conclusion will entitle you to a RYA Essential Navigation & Safety certificate which will be mailed to you.

This course contains the following lessons:

  • Welcome to the course
  • Nautical Terms
    • Nautical Terms Quiz
  • Nautical Charts
    • Nautical Charts Quiz
  • Core Navigation Skills
    • Understanding the Compass
    • Compass Quiz
    • Expressing Position
    • Position Exercises
    • Measuring Heading & Distance
    • Heading & Distance Exercises
  • Position Fixing
    • Methods of Fixing Position
    • Position Fixing Exercises
    • Clearing Lines & Bearings
  • The International Buoyage System
    • Buoyage Quiz
  • Tide
    • Tidal Height
    • Tidal Height Exercises
    • Tidal Stream
    • Tidal Stream Exercises
  • Safety at Sea
    • Safety Quiz
  • Anchoring
    • Anchoring Quiz
  • Electronic Navigation
    • Electronic Navigation Quiz
  • Pilotage
  • Passage Planning
    • Passage Planning Quiz
  • Rules of the Road
    • Rules of the Road Quiz
  • Weather at Sea
    • Weather Quiz
  • Communication at Sea
    • Introduction to the GMDSS
    • Introduction to VHF Radio
    • VHF Radio Quiz 1
    • Radio Language
    • VHF Radio Quiz 2
    • Using VHF Radio
    • VHF Radio Quiz 3
    • Radio Practice
  •  The Marine Diesel Engine
    • Introduction
    • The Fuel System
    • The Cooling System
    • Checks & Maintenance
    • Diesel Engine Quiz
  • Final Test