Practical Course Primer – Online


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We designed this fully narrated and animated online course as a primer for those taking their first practical course with us. It aims to unravel some of the apparent mysteries of boating such as: the language, how a boat sails and what it will be like living aboard a yacht.

There is also a section on rope work which explains who things should be done and provides videos of how to tie the essential knots. Also included is a section on ‘the rules of the road’ so that, when you take your turn at the  wheel, you will be a little more familiar with who gives way and when!

This course contains the following lessons:

  • Welcome to the course
  • Nautical Terms & Parts of the Boat
  • Nautical Terms Quiz
  • Rope & Knots
  • Rope & Knots Quiz
  • Mooring & Anchoring
  • Sailing Theory
  • Using the Boat’s Equipment
  • The Rules of the Road
  • Rules of the Road Quiz
  • Living Aboard a Cruising Yacht